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OOW & JavaOne 2012 : Tuesday

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KEY10723 Oracle OpenWorld Keynote:Oracle and EMC

This was the traditional Keynote of Thomas Kurian.  The main theme was also here the Cloud.  He gave a little more detail as Larry, but unfortunately nothing more.  Also a big drawback, was the fact that the demo's were simple powerpoint presentations.
One new information was the fact that by the end of the year, we should have a preview edition of the cloud services Collaboration and Analytics.

HOL10217 Getting Started with Oracle Java Cloud Service

This hands-on-lab started with a negative announcement: the lab environment was not available anymore.  Some problems occurred during the night.
With every negative force, there must be a positive one.  So we got a very nice demo and the possibility to ask any questions we wanted.  Hence the vast amount of information for this session.

For the use of the cloud services, the development tools of Oracle (JDeveloper, OEPE, NetBeans, SQLDeveloper) will get a new "plugin" for easy connection with your cloud service.  These special editions can be download from the cloud website.  Just follow the Resources - Download links on the cloud service page.

You can create as many trials as you want, certainly for the first couple of months.
Be aware that this is PAAS, not IAAS.  This means that you can not stop the clock.  With IAAS you can stop your environment and you do not need to pay anymore.  With PAAS, your environment is always running.  Once you stop it, it is gone.
Oracle has foreseen the concept of geo-locations.  This mean, that you can define where in the world you want to run your service.  Be aware, that the identity service runs per geo-locations.  Meaning you can not share your identities over geo-locations.  Hence, make sure that the services that need to work with each-other are running in the same geo-location.

The hardware setup for the database and java service is as follows:
  • The database service is based on a RAC based database running on ExaData machines.  Oracle is running a couple of databases on these machines.  But, according to them, they assure schema isolation, so no database isolation like Larry mentioned before.
  • The java service, which is composed of the WebLogic Server, runs on ExaLogic machines.
in this kind of environment it is not important to know on what the services are running, but instead knowing the SLA's that Oracle is setting forward.  An example of this, is the fact that Oracle will guarantee that your applications keep on running even after an upgrade done by Oracle.  This means that Oracle needs to make sure that it keeps there products backward compatible.

For the moment, the concept of friendly URL's isn't implemented yet.  The problem is the fact all URL's are SSL enabled and Oracle can only act as a CA for the oracle.com domain.

Once your java service has been activated(=instantiation of your environment) , you have 4 portals at your disposal:
  • My Accounts: allowing you to buy more services
  • My Services: portal for the service owner.  Also here you will get the notification of Oracle when they are going to upgrade your environment.
  • Identity Console: managing your users in the cloud
  • Service Instance Console: you have one console for each service instance.
In your environment, you have 2 kind of loggings.  One is the Job log, this is log for everything you ask Oracle to do something, like deploy application, stop application, ....  On the other hand you have the Service log, this is the logging of the application server and your applications.

There is a Cloud SDK, allowing you to do everything from the command line.  There is even the possibility to have a "tail" functionality of your log files.  Very cool.

Whenever you do a deployment, the following things happen:
  • Virus scanning of your application and sources
  • Whitelist scanning: looking for forbidden technology, like remote EJB's, unsupported protocols, ...
  • Deployment of your application
When you have different services started, under the same user name, then these services are linked automatically to each other.  For example: your Developer service will know about your java and database service and will have a connection to them declared automatically.  In your java service,you will have a JDBC connection declared automatically to your database service.

ESS11121 Oracle and NetSuite: Thriving in the Hybrid Cloud

Finally my first encounter with Larry's other flagship: NetSuite.  While Oracle is building solutions for the the fortune top 500 companies, NetSuite primary vision is the fortune top 5 million companies.
The solution is based on a single system to run your entire business on.  It is not only cloud enabled, but also internationalized; meaning that different languages, currencies and country specific regulations can live in the same system.
It was a great eye-opener.  Perhaps also a good candidate for the smaller market countries, like Belgium.

CON4644 JavaFX Extreme GUI Makeover

Again a waaauw session on JavaFX.  Very good demo's.  I really need to get my hands on these things.  The session started off with a bit unconventional menu based application.  It looked really impressive, but yet based on really simple building blocks like the viewport.  Again, CSS development is key here.  Really check out these demo's, they should be available after JavaOne on the presenters blog.

KEU10724 Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Infosys

In this second keynote of Larry, we saw a bit of the same over again.  It is clear that this OOW is all about Cloud Computing, Fusion Applications and Mobile development.
Here are few of the key points, that I take back from this session:
  • Fusion Applications (FA) is a complete suite, not a point implementation
  • FA is based on best in class platform (a bit of marketing here :-))
  • Apparently already 400 FA Cloud customers
    • CRM(38%), ERP(23%), HCM(39%)
    • On Premise(26%), On Demand(9%), SAAS(65%)
    • EMEA(23%), APAC(10%), America(67%)
  • It is very easy to move your apps between the different solutions, like on premise, on demand and cloud
  • FA is off course based on the FMW and DB technologies
  • According to Larry, data privacy should be put at the VM architecture or using the Oracle 12c multitenant DB layer.  But certainly not in the application layer.
  • Oracle is the only one who have build their social solution as a platform and not as a suite of applications.  This allows them to put social functionality in all of the solutions based on FMW.

CON8901 Optimize Enterprise Business Processes with Oracle WebCenter and Oracle BPM

This session gave a simple overview of the different features of the product set.  Nice to see, clean demo, but no best practices on how to handle this.  But again, very nice to see the integration between the different Oracle products.

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