dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

OOW & JavaOne 2012: Thursday

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday


HOL9967 Developing Applications for Mobile iOS and Android Devices with Oracle ADF Mobile: Hands-on Lab

Nice hands-on using the not-yet-available JDev R3 with the ADF mobile plugin.  Nice to see that we got rid of the Trinidad components and the simplified development and deployment architecture.
To get the rumors out of the way: they are still using the PhoneGap solution to interact with the device capabilities.

Very good news is the general availability of the solution.  Now this is targeted within 3 weeks.  Really looking forward to that.  To keep up to date, follow the ADF Mobile blog on http://blogs.oracle.com/mobile.

Oracle Usability Lab Tour

This was not a traditional session, but we were able to go to HQ of Oracle and see how the usability team is tackling the different challenges.  Nice to see is the amount of work they are doing and growth of the team itself.  Now you have people looking after the applications, fusion applications and even middleware solutions.  Also the developer tools are being monitored.
The coolest demo was off course the eye-tracker.  It keeps track on the focus of the eyes to determine how people look at pages when searching for information.  This information is then used to make the screen of the products more user-friendly.

We were back @5pm and that was then our last action @OOW12.
Hopefully the ready was interesting and we are looking forward to the release of all this great new products and features from Oracle.

If you still hungry for more information on OOW12, please join us @OracleExperienceDay.  Hope to see you all there.

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