dinsdag 15 april 2014

ContributeGroep Sessions for OOW14 & JavaOne14

In the spirit of sharing the wonderful things our consultants do at customers, we entered a few of their efforts as proposals for Oracle Open World and JavaOne.

Here is the list of our entries:

ID Proposed Session Title Type Event
CON4630 Integration of Neo4j with Webcenter Content Conference Session OOW
Had enough of the linear searching into your documents?  Needing a dynamic search path in runtime?  Welcome to the world of graph databases.  Using a graph database to perform searches, allows you to add functionality from a totally different order.  Think about searches on relationships between documents or show recommendations of other users into your information model, just to name a few.  Basically, we add relationships between metadata, content, persons, applications, even if they didn’t exist before.  Graph databases allow for a dynamic search structure in runtime, providing more flexibility and agility to your portal.
CON3759 Securing web services - How to make a complex task look easy? Conference Session JavaOne
Not many developers like to implement or expose secured web services.  This is probably because securing web services is a complex matter.  Next to the complexity, the client/server architecture comes into play.  Both sides, client and server, will have their own implementation.  In an ideal world your backend code will not be impacted with the technologies in which it is build, nor which type of security you would choose. Since we are not living in a perfect world, those differences do have a big impact on your approach in bridging those 2 worlds. During this session we will explain how an enterprise service bus could help you out.  Not only in solving this predicament, also in adding clarity in your separation of concerns design.
CON3690 Single-click deployment in Application Express Conference Session OOW
Software development with Oracle Application Express is by no means affiliated with enterprise web development. Oracle itself positions APEX as a so-called rapid application development tool, but recommends other products as soon as projects get larger and more complex. I honestly believe, that APEX has the potential to cope with these large-scale projects. Needless to say, you need more than just plain APEX...

We have managed to incorporate a set of powerful tools in our day-to-day development process. These tools in combination with APEX allow teams to build high-quality database applications in a professional way. It takes no more than a single click on a button to fully deploy your application(s) to a target environment.
CON4662 Taskflows on Sale Conference Session OOW
Get ready for an alternative way of navigating between taskflows within ADF.  Instead of providing only the valid navigation route, we allow for a more flexible system avoiding dependency problems. This opens the way for a free form navigation keeping into account security and his history.  One of the possible implementations of this solution is the creation of a menu that is based on beans or configuration files. Introducing history to this system can overcome the use of the browser back button.
The pattern is already in use at a Belgian customer in providing web(ADF)-based solutions. This customer will be present to explain the business value and agility this brings to their application.