vrijdag 12 april 2013

Submitted Sessions for Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2013

It is again this time of year, were everyone is searching for their best English and write a small piece of text to convince a group of people.  Also we did the same exercise and handed over our papers for Oracle Open World and JavaOne.

Here is our, Contributes, list of papers for 2013:

 ID  Proposed Session Title  Type
TUT4879  Building your stock management solution for no more then $299  Tutorial
CON4907  Making Open-Source & Oracle security best friends. The Mazda story.  Conference Session
CON4872  No SOA without Service Orchestration  Conference Session
CON4901  Score with the right Oracle technology for the right audience. The RBFA story.  Conference Session
CON1846  Taking You from Forms to ADF Mobile: a Journey  User Group Forum (Sunday Only)

I would advice everyone else to do the same, but .... on different topics preferably ;-).

Thanks to everyone who helped building up this list and everyone who is going help to get some talks accepted.

Very much appreciated.


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