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Overview unconventional sessions @OOW12 & @JavaOne

Hello everyone,

also this year I've received the opportunity to visit the biggest Oracle event of the year, namely Oracle OpenWorld.  According to some figures, it will be a very big event.  Hopefully I can hook up with some ex-Oracle colleagues and find out the nice nasty details on their roadmaps.

In this blog I'll keep track on the session I follow.  Hopefully it will become very interesting reading.
So keep track on this blog to find out the latest details.
Since there are too many sessions @OOW, I have a colleague doing the same thing. Visit his blog for more information.


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UGF10577 Oracle WebLogic Server Overview

Very, very high level overview of Fusion Middleware.  Only 1 slide on WLS itself.  Very much talk on Fusion Middleware parts like SOA, WebCenter, OBIEE, BPM, Identity Management, ...

UGF10401 Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Sites and the Oracle WebCenter Spaces features.  Which one is right for you?

A good session on the ever lasting question: which one of the 4 site building products of the WebCenter stack should I use.
I'll skip the individual product feature set, more on that on the Oracle Experience Day.
Question you should ask:
  • Who will be using this site : employees, partners, customers
  • What are these users trying to accomplish?
When to use what?
  • WebCenter Portal & Spaces : intranet - Oracle Look&Feel
  • WebCenter Sites : dot com sites - light weight => very scalable
  • WebCenter Content: use always
  • Exception: Partner Extranet : Sites or Portal => look for strenghts in dev team
How to use them together?
  • Content & Portal => Content Presentor TaskFlow
  • Content & Sites => One way connector => read-only
  • Portal & Sites : Pagelet producer & Business Mashups
Join me at the Oracle Experience day( #oracleopenxperience ) for more in depth information.

UGF10362 Netbeans and JavaFX

Waauw, there is really not other word for the things I saw in this session.  Amazing graphics being used, developed in JavaFX but used in Swing clients, NetBeans platform based applications and in other JavaFX client applications.
As you may know, running a standard Swing application on an iPad is, ...  just leave at impossible.
But what you could do is develop it with HTML 5, that runs virtually everywhere.  Counterpart of this is that you would have 2 code streams to manage.
Solution: build your graphical app in HTML 5, run it within JavaFX components (WebView) and show this JavaFX component in your Swing client.

The only open question I had was : what amount of JavaFX code is needed to get this working.
But at least this session showed me that the possibilities with JavaFX are almost infinitive.

UGF10414 Oracle Fusion Middleware Roundtable

No Comment

UGF10397 To Exalogic or not to Exalogic: An Architectural Journey

Nice overview on the road of actions they took to come to a decision to buy ExaLogic.
Unfortunately, the deal didn't go through :-(.

UGF10400 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Monitoring, Metric Extensions and Configuration Best Practices

Fully booked room, this was a first one.  It may be because, this was a DBA session.
The speaker had a very good knowledge on EM 10g-11g-12c.
Key takeaways:
  • Metrics Extension: use pl-scripts to create your own metrics
  • SQL Monitor
  • ASH Analytics: the future of "Top Activity"
  • LoadMap: to indicate the importance of tuning some sessions

KEY10721 Oracle OpenWorld Welcome Keynote: Oracle and Fujitsu 

Starting with the Fujitsu keynote, we see that they are doing a lot of the same thing that Oracle does with their integrated systems.  Not so innovative.  What they do well, is presenting this as part of our day-to-day live.

Following was the keynote of Larry on Cloud and ExaData.
The following main topics were touched:
  • Cloud = SAAS + PAAS + IAAS
  • Announcement 1 : Oracle Cloud: now also with IAAS.  A bit of a strange announcement, since we are still waiting on the other parts of the Oracle Cloud solution, which were promised last year.
  • Announcement 2 : Oracle Private Cloud.  Which is the same concept as the Oracle Cloud, except for the fact that the hardware will be placed on-premise, behind your firewall.  Just wondering what openings are needed in the firewall to allow Oracle to manage their (because you only rent and pay a monthly fee) machines.
  • Announcement 3 : Oracle Database 12c for 2013.  A multitenant DB through the construct of a "Container Database".
  • Announcement 4: ExaData X3 with an impressive 26TB of DRAM & Flash and a 10x compression rate
  • Announcement 5: ExaData X3-2 Eight Rack 


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